Monday was a bit of a nothing day, apart from the groups getting switched around at work which stirred a whole range of emotions from people throughout the office, funny to see, I was pretty pleased to get the chance to work with some new people. The day ended with me making a spanish omelette with diced-potato chips – get me i know! Apart from that nothing really to report.

On Tuesday myself, Deepa and Adam took the advice of the mailing list nonsense nyc and went to punderdome 3000 at Southpaw in Brooklyn, a pun-making competition, which had been won the week before by Atilla the Pun. Beforehand Deepa and I had some Mexican food at a restaurant with a Margarita, which was pretty great – the Burrito wasnt as good as Dos Toros however.

The pun competition was one of the funniest/most random and ridiculous events I have ever been to. It was run by a father and daughter, the former got pretty drunk and started using his Bud Light can as the microphone, lad. The competitors were given a theme and they had 90 seconds to think up a pun relating to that theme, meanwhile people were chosen from the crowd to come up and sing the Jeopardy theme tune. If I was asked I was considering singing the Eastenders theme tune or just going back to my staple Nickleback that everyone knows and loves.

Each contestant had to choose a name for themselves, some of the best were “Cool Punnings” (who were the eventual winners), “Pun-tuation: and this is where it ends”, “the Pundertaker”, etc. A girl from the crowd was chosen to be the clapometer – and she was blindfolded for the vote (pretty serious stuff this pun competition malarky), she gave herself the name “steak punini” and was pretty mental herself. We sat on the floor at the front after having only just managed to get ourselves in, and sat eating our ice lollies that we were given on the way in.

The puns were all great considering the lack of time they had, this old guy reeled off a series of stinkers only for a sympathetic laugh made him feel better – bless. Deepa had to get up and sing at one point with two other girls but one insisted on singing happy birthday, it didnt matter anyway since Deepa just mimed and tried not to look awkward but in so doing looked awkward. Afterwards we met Craig at a bar on Pacific st for a drink there, I had a Bengali Tiger (made me think of Brishty) which was brewed down the road at Red Hook. Craig seemed to know everyone in there from the barmaid to the locals to the guy collecting the glasses, he was the friendly local. After a drink there and briefly meeting his housemates Charlie and Tyler as well as Charlie’s workmate and girlfriend we headed home.

We headed back to our favourite haunt, Crocodile lounge, the next evening for a Trivia Night, Deepa, Diana and Winston joined for various amounts of time and Sophie Davies from uni came along for a lil bit to check out the free pizza. We were horrendous at the trivia itself without Diana’s input or that of any American, which isnt surprising since most of the rounds were America focussed such as – Nickelodeon in the 90s and Athletes in films. After doing terribly in the quiz we headed home.

On Thursday Adam and I met with his family friend Martha plus her friends from Trinity College Dublin and we headed to Warren 77 close to where my office is, which had a huge red arrow pointing at it saying “BAR”. Inside was black painted wood pannelled walls with this one wall with triangular sponge protrusions all over it – pretty neat. We got some Bud Lights and chatted, was great to hear the Irish accent again and they told us that there were about 150 people in NY for the summer from Trinity – ridiculous. Various other people joined us for a drink at different points and Hannah got some chicken goujon thingies which were great. It was a great evening and they were really fun and weirdly seemed to think we were pretty funny – great success.